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The Eco-Friendly Choice

No other organizational product is able to rival the three ring binder’s capability to organize and maintain a stack of loose papers. Because of their usefulness, the variety of ring binders on the market is practically endless. How do you know which one to choose? Manufacturers like Wilson Jones have recently made investments in equipment to produce binders made from PVC Free polypropylene which has revolutionized the binder industry. You now have the option to get products that work for you and protect the environment at the same time.

Whether you are shopping for your child or yourself you want a product that will last. A polypropylene binder can live up to that expectation. Polypropylene material is not susceptible to temperature variations and will not “cold-crack.” Traditional binders are made of chipboard covered in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the technical name for vinyl. Products made with PVC cannot be recycled because of the chemical additives they contain. Polypropylene binders, however, are just as durable as vinyl binders but are 100% PVC free and last longer.  

Benefits of PVC Free Polypropylene Binders:

• Virtually impossible to rip or tear

• Flexible and Lightweight

• Not susceptible to extreme heat or cold

• Moisture repellent

• Ink does not smudge or rub off allowing indefinite re-use

You can find polypropylene binders in a wide-range of colors and sizes, and they are available at office products dealers. Their cost is comparable to that of a traditional binder. Many sheet protectors are made from polypropylene as well, allowing you to give your papers one extra layer of protection. The durability and sustainability of polypropylene will serve you well, and in using it instead of PVC you will be saving the planet in return. The next time you are shopping for school or office supplies, choose products made from polypropylene.  

Wilson Jones offers a full line of eco-friendly polypropylene binders including Premium Single-Touch Locking Ring Binders, Heavy Duty and Basic Ring binders. 

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