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Reducing Clutter

Over time people naturally accumulate a lot of stuff. Have you become a victim of clutter? We will discuss how you know when you need to make a change and how to go about getting rid of the clutter in your home or office.

Look around you. There should be plenty of clear surfaces. If not, that is the first sign of clutter. You should not have to clear off a chair in order to offer a co-worker a seat, nor should you have to clear off your bed just to go to sleep at night. You also shouldn’t have a problem finding a pen or stapler when you need it. The biggest step you can take to reduce clutter is to give everything a home. Things won’t pile up or get lost around you if you designate an easily accessible place to put them.

Break your de-clutter project into parts. Still wondering where to start? Whatever is causing you the most hassle is usually a good place. For instance, do you always forget to pay at least one of your bills each month? Then maybe your home office is where you should start. Reducing clutter isn’t a one day activity - it is a process. If you say you want to reduce clutter throughout your house in two weeks, then maybe you can schedule one room a day. But, do not move on to next task unless you have completely finished the first. It’s important to work systematically so nothing gets overlooked. Allow yourself as much time as you need to be thorough. Pitch anything you do not need and be careful to shred anything that contains confidential information. It’s helpful to make a list of cluttered spaces to tackle, cross off completed tasks and reward yourself after each one.

If getting rid of your junk still sounds easier said than done, do not be afraid to ask for help. Consider drafting your friends, family members, and co-workers. If you put on some music and provide food you can turn de-cluttering into a party. You could also consider hiring a professional organizer.

Consider buying plastic storage units. Your extra blankets that are piled up on top of your dresser could be stored neatly in a container under your bed until you need them. Your spices can be placed decoratively on a spice rack to give you a whole additional cabinet to use. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the shelves you already have. You maybe able to adjust them up or down to make best use of the space where you are already storing a lot of your things. For papers, storage binders are a smart solution. For example the Wilson Jones® 384 Heavy Duty D-Ring Binder holds up to 25% more than the same size round ring binder to help you condense, and you can use the label holder to quickly identify the contents.

If necessary, you may want to rearrange your home. Have you set up your home office in a tiny corner of your bedroom but your sitting room is just for show? Moving your office there may give you much more space to work with, which will greatly simplify your efforts to reduce clutter. You could also make a design statement while being more organized and productive if you used fashion organizers like the WorkStyle Cut & Sewn File Folders, instead of piling everything up on your desk.

Clutter can affect you in more ways than you may realize. If you lose track of your assignments in the clutter on your desk at work you may have to stay late instead of going home to relax. Or, if you don’t keep good track of your receipts you may be losing out on money because you are missing out on tax deductions. Eliminating clutter is really as simple as taking an inventory of the things around you and deciding to get rid of anything you do not need and finding places for things you do. The hardest part is seeing that you need to make an improvement and then getting started, but the rewards of finding an organizational system that works for you are well worth it. 


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