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Working on the Go

Some jobs involve a lot of business travel and that takes a completely different level of organizational skill compared to some more stationary jobs. It’s not so easy to stay neat and tidy when you need to be able to fit all your documents into a laptop case and put together PowerPoint presentations on a plane. If you are a business traveler, here are a few tips to help you have a worry free time on the road.

Create a travel procedure. Form a routine to follow when you are getting ready to leave. If you always pack your phone charger first, for instance, you’ll be less likely to forget it than if you just pack it whenever you think of it. Pack clothes with efficiency in mind. Take separates that you can mix and match and avoid items that wrinkle easily. Next, gather any important documents you’ll need for your trip and put them in a mobile filer or View-Tab Sorter that will help you stay organized while looking stylish yet professional. You can also list out the address of every location you’ll be stopping at and look up directions ahead of time so you can store the routes in your phone or GPS for easy reference.

Search for convenience. All travelers want to arrive at their destination quickly and easily. Start by making all of your arrangements through one travel service or website. This will save you time, worry, and possibly money if you are able to find a travel package or special for booking either early or at the last minute. Also, aim for the earliest flight possible to give you plenty of “buffer time” in case of delays. Maybe free wireless is a priority or you’ll need to make copies when you reach your destination. Look for accommodations that provide these services directly at the hotel. Also keep an eye out for free services that make mornings easier -- continental breakfasts, coffee machine in your room, iron in your closet and a newspaper by your door. These small touches will save you a lot of time and help you feel more at home.

Transport information safely. We know that taking information with us from meeting to meeting is necessary, but it doesn't have to be so challenging. The Wilson Jones® full line of mobile filers solves problems like securing, transporting and presenting documents while on the go. Alternatively, the 879 Premium Single-Touch Locking Round Ring View Binder or View-Tab Presentation Binder are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry to eliminate the worry of papers falling out of folders or getting mixed up while you travel. Also, take a few moments to review all the materials you have received at the end of each day. Categorize the information in a way that makes sense to you, discard what is not needed, and make notes while the ideas are fresh in your mind.

Keeping track of expenses. Use separate credit cards for business and personal purchases, and keep all of your receipts in one place. Reserve a zippered pocket in your planner or purse for all business-related receipts. List your expenses as you go noting items purchased, the date, and the amount in your phone. This is much easier than relying on your memory, especially on long trips.

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