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We Care

  • Wilson Jones® – We Care

    Preserving our planet with greener, more sustainable products and responsible manufacturing processes.

Products that are made with PVC Free polypropylene benefit you because they are more durable. Compared to vinyl binders, heavy duty polypropylene binders last 10x longer. Virtually impossible rip or tear, polypropylene is impervious to the temperature variations that cause “cold crack” and repels both moisture and ink stains. By using strong, reusable materials, Wilson Jones keeps products from ending up in landfills. 

PVC Free polypropylene is a recyclable material, unlike vinyl which contains the toxin chlorine. All polypropylene binders contain a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste recycled content, with 100% recycled chipboard.  By using this neutral plastic, instead of vinyl, Wilson Jones has been able to create products that are safer for the environment and recycle 450,000 lbs. of post industrial material that would otherwise become waste.

Wilson Jones PVC Free polypropylene binders are assembled in the USA of domestic and foreign components, which allows us to better ensure the quality of the products that we produce. We employ hundreds of employees and manufacture almost one thousand products domestically. Our home grown products deliver the superior performance that will help you stay organized. We care about the environment, we care about quality products and we care about supporting our country’s workforce.

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