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It’s easy to become overwhelmed with your workload and lose focus if you don’t have good ways of organizing your work life. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be well on your way to being less stressed and more efficient at work.

Simplify your work style

Set a schedule of routine tasks that you will accomplish each day. Instead of specifying “hour slots,” keep it simple by breaking down your day’s activities into segments. Allow for change on occasion, and adjust your schedule to fit a change. Overall, try to maintain a regular pattern in the way you do certain activities.


Simplify your workspace

Take a look around your desk and remove any supplies or materials that you don’t need regular access to. Cut out the clutter. Organize your desktop to have only what you need in front of you, and put the rest away in a drawer or cabinet.


Simplify paper flow

Implement a system to manage paper flow. Make sure when paper comes in, it is dealt with, placed in a pending basket, action filer or active project file, or put it away in a binder. If the paper has no value to you, shred it.


Simplify productivity

An organized “To Do” list can sort out your priorities and help you focus on handling the tasks that need attention. Keep a master list and break it down into productivity segments (administrative, projects, operations, etc.). Write a daily list from your master list on your whiteboard or planner, listing only those tasks that you know you can accomplish that day.


Simplify future goals

Do you know where you’re going next week? Next month? Next year? Write a plan and know where you’re going. Try to keep your big-picture and long term goals in mind, but break them into manageable and realistic steps to get there.


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