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Concentration of power is the ability to focus upon and accomplish the most vital priorities. Understanding the difference between priorities and urgencies will put you in a better position to manage your activities.

A priority is an activity to which you assign value. Vital priorities are high payoff and crucial. In business, vital priorities are essential for the existence, continuation and well-being of the organization. In your personal life, they are the priorities that align with your innermost values.


Urgencies are situations or conditions that require some immediate action on our part. When an "urgency" occurs, you must respond as they pop up throughout the day.


Urgencies are situations or conditions that require some immediate action on our part. When an "urgency" occurs, you must respond as they pop up throughout the day.


Using a traffic light to categorize the types of activities and the actions you should take will help you establish where to invest energy and to what degree. Since there are four categories and only three colors in a traffic light, you’ll have to just imagine and add gray to the mix.


Know When To STOP!


Red activities are both vital and urgent. When faced with a red activity, STOP whatever else you are doing and do the red activity NOW! Red activities often catch us off guard, but when they occur you know we must take action. Red activities put us in a state of upheaval and plans are put on hold in order to address these unexpected events.


Know When to GO!


Green activities are vital, but not urgent. It means GO there as much as possible. Green reminds you these activities make money. They are necessary for the existence and continuation of doing business – long range planning, relationship building, etc. On a personal basis, green activities are the ones that bring quality and balance to our life – family time, exercise and others. When doing these activities that are vital, but not urgent, you are typically in a state of composure, alignment and harmony.


Know When to Use CAUTION!


It isn’t easy being green. One reason is because yellow activities challenge you too much. They create an illusion of the need for immediate action. When you succumb to the temptation to handle these activities as they occur, you are operating in a state of delusion. It is important to resist the temptation to respond "now,” which is why the color yellow reminds you to use caution. Plans will proceed as scheduled and these activities can be rescheduled and addressed at a more appropriate time.


Know When to say NO!


The fourth type of activity is gray. Gray means RETHINK THIS ACTIVITY! Gray activities are not urgent and they are not vital. These are activities, behaviors and practices that serve little or no value to you and others. They are an escape to coping constructively with your daily activities.


As work and life begin to pile up, it is essential to review the workload in front of you and establish how to respond to vital and urgent activities. Putting things in the proper order will help manage your priorities appropriately.

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