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Often, friends, colleagues, and clients complain about how other people don’t respect their time. But there is one hard truth most people don’t want to face. There is no one else to blame but yourself. You have to teach people how to use your time and set some boundaries about what is acceptable and what is not. If you develop some “time management ground rules” and stick to them, you will be amazed at the change not only in yourself, but in the people around you.

Set Aside Time for You

• Includes any time that you spend doing the things that keep you sane.

• Use your “admin time” as a way to reconnect with all the different areas of life – business, home, artistic, personal, social, spiritual, etc.

• Personal time is a time to refresh

Balance Your Days

Try breaking your schedule into different sections so you can draw clear boundaries of your time and be more efficient and focused.

• Just work: Focus on your job – see clients, make sales calls, manage a classroom, or manage your household

• Relax: Take time to rest, have fun and recharge your batteries

• Chores: Make time just for all those little chores that have to be done, but don’t really make you any money

If you create a sense of balance between the many activities in your life, you will spend some of your time at work and some at play.

Learn How to Say No

When you tell someone no, you are really saying that you understand and accept your own limits, and don’t want to do a shoddy job by overwhelming yourself. A little selfishness is necessary, if you want to maintain a balanced and sane life.

Offer an Alternative

The best way to tactfully dodge a request is to offer another alternative. If you can’t participate at this moment because you are too busy, but you would really like to help at a later time, say so. If you are asked to do a job that really doesn’t interest you or is outside your area of expertise, offer to help with another task that is more suitable.

Stick to Your Guns

You do not have to explain yourself or justify why you are finally taking time to do the things you want to do. Simply make time for what matters most and things that what makes you the happiest.


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